Education Method

Every parent who wants to enroll their child in a school wants to find out what educational methods the school uses. We visited kindergartens and primary schools in 22 different countries to apply a method to our school. We attended international education conferences organized in many different parts of the world. Some said that they should have intensive academic training, some said that there should be many branch lessons, and some said that the child should gain all the competencies with their own individual success. Each had a name, each a different application. However, the fact that we all overlooked was this;

The education model applied by a school is directly focused on the country of residence, family education, genetic characteristics and cultural life style. The education program you need to implement in a kindergarten where the children of academic families are predominant cannot be the same as the education program of schools where children of entrepreneurial families are predominant. For this reason, we use education models in every branch according to the occupational groups of the families of that region, the country they come from, the city and their culture.


09:00 Good Morning! Our school is filling up with children all age already. They come with a happy face wondering what fun activities they will do with their friends and teachers that day. They know that first things first they will go out to the garden, rain or shine, and feed our goats, rabbits, turkey and chickens first. Then they will collect the eggs from the coop and give them to Mrs. Ayten, our cook, so she can prepare a tasty breakfast for us. They will water our plants and pick some cucumbers, peppers and ripe tomatoes fresh from our garden, again for our hearty breakfast, and maybe for lunch later. Now it is exercise time! Our children get dressed by themselves and put on their sports clothes. With a drink of water, they start their day with relaxing yoga moves and then switch to a more energetic gymnastic exercise where they hop, dance and jump with the guidance of their cheerful dance teacher.

They hop like frogs or fly like butterflies and roar like lions happily on the grass. It's time to fill up their little tummies now, they are hungry. Our children set and clean the table by themselves, they learn to take responsibility and to tidy up after themselves. With melodies from Beethoven in the background, they indulge in natural flavors from all over Anatolia. We believe that children should be nourished with diverse and natural tastes so that they can feed their bodies and souls and brains effectively. Therefore, we make sure to supply them with natural sugar from fruits, herbal teas instead of black tea, handmade apricot, peach and strawberry jams, eggs from our chickens, olives harvested and seasoned at school and whole wheat bread with delicious butter on top. Our children enjoy their lunch on white tablecloths, trying to hold the cutlery and serving themselves and learning table manners as well. Our tables reflect a little bit of aristocracy, a little bit of country living and much gusto. After feeding their tummies, now it's time to feed their souls, with music of course! Our children pass through the halls with murals that are hand painted with pictures of Beethoven and Mozart, already feeling ‘musical’. Their music teacher welcomes them in the spacious music room which overlooks our backyard, and actually is the best classroom in the school. There are many instruments, from drums to electric guitars, a piano and lots of maracas, triangle bells and cajons that attract the childrens attentions immediately as they enter the room. But the teacher lures them with her soft tunes on the piano and they know that it is time to sit down and begin the lesson. She explains them how each music instrument is used and what each one is called, all in English. She helps them put their little hands on the instrument and shows them how to make sounds.So, if you happen to walk through this hall one day, you might hear giggles, or a loud beat on the drums of a future drum player, you might hear ‘Imagine all the people’ sung in unison and if you are lucky, you might even hear our music teacher playing a wonderful version of one of Beethoven's compositions.It's snack time for the little ones after their fun music lesson. They will enjoy some juicy, seasonal fruits and then head for their classrooms where their classroom teacher already awaits them with lots of activities. To develop their fine motor skills their little hands, have a lot of fun crafts to do. They might use lentils or chickpeas to create an artwork, they might try to stich etamine or just be silly and use their bare hands and paint to create their artwork on the windows.

They might even help out in the kitchen to knead the dough for the pizza they will eat later at lunch.

Their teacher teaches them some nursery rhymes and they all sing them joyfully while they tidy up their classrooms and put everything back to its place because they already know that it is important to be helpful and responsible.

What's that delicious smell coming from the kitchen? Can it be homemade hamburgers with oven baked potatoes? Or is Mrs.Ayten cooking that yummy goose from Kars that she covers up with puff pastry and a tasty gravy to go along with? Wouldn't it be nice to gulp it with our home made ayran? With so much going on, it is hard to believe we have come to the middle of the day, but our noses tell otherwise. As they walk towards the kitchen in line, we can see that the children can't wait to sit at their tiny tables, holding their tiny cutlery and immediately start gulping down the yummy meal in front of them.

Biz Focus on Kids çocukları tavuk yemeyi çok severiz ama ne yazık ki bunu ayda sadece bir kere yiyebiliriz. Süpermarket tavuklarının besin değerine güvenmediğini söyleyen Ayten teyze ve Begüm öğretmen Akçakoca’dan ayda en fazla bir kere gezen köy tavuğunu getirtir. Heyecanla bekleriz ve şaşırırız saatlerce pişmeyen tavuğun diğer tavuklardan farkını görünce…

But they know better. They know to wait for everyone to sit down and for their teachers to tell them to "enjoy their meal". Now they can feast:) Immm those cucumber pickles taste sooo good. Some cannot have enough of the bulgur rice with vegetables, they want seconds.

It is very common at our school where we see that most of the children taste some meals for the first time in their lives. Most of them have never tried ‘kapuska’ a vegetable dish made with cabbage and minced meat, or they don't know what ‘celery’is. As we have a diverse menu with natural, wholesome and healthy ingredients brought to us from Anatolia, we are trying to let the kids be as open as possible to new tastes.

We introduce them with these "different" meals, and we notice how their taste buds change. We witness this change with amazement and contentment as they want for seconds of "the celery thingy cooked with orange juice". Now think of their parents and how happy and grateful they are that their once picky eater is ‘a little gourmet’ now!

After each meal, the children march to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Then it is Drama Time.

They can't wait to see what their Drama teacher has in store for them. Will they be tiny sailors on the Titanic who shout out to the captain that there is an iceberg ahead or will they be making a shadow puppet of dinosaurs?

A fierce T¬rex running after a triceratops? They might act as the famous rock star Queen and his band on stage or be King Lear and his daughters to whom he is trying to divide his kingdom to.

. It is always fun and exciting in Drama class, that's what they know for sure. It's too bad the toddler group can't see what fun they are having at drama class because it's their nap time but oh well next year they will for sure.

. It is story time now. Their English teacher is reading an exciting book and she uses body movements, gestures, sounds, puppets and it is soooo fun. The children are almost impatient to hear what happens at the end, but also they don't want the story to end, ever.

It eventually ends of course but the children know that tomorrow there will be another exciting book, the next day another, and another. Their English teacher leads them to the kitchen now because she has just found out that to have hazelnut cookies for snack time the cook needs little helpers to knead the dough.

They squish and knead and pat and roll the dough with giggles adding hazelnuts in between.

. Cookies are ready to be put in the oven to bake. Now they have some free play time in their classrooms where they can interact with their friends, make puzzles, doodle on paper, or just relax on the colorful mats and look at a picture book.

Now it is time for our Arts lesson where they go upstairs to our Arts Studio which is filled with sooo many interesting things to look at.

There are artworks of other students hanging on the wall, replicas of "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, there are Titanic cabins made out of old shoeboxes, woow first class ones even have fireplaces! There are mosaic boxes made from little shiny stones, there are etamine works, so many things to see. But the children know that it is their turn now. Their talented arts teacher will show them how to make all those things they looked in amazement. The halls started to fill with a sweet smell this time, it is soo good it even reached our arts studio upstairs. The children know that it is time to eat those yummy looking hazelnut cookies which they make themselves.