Developing students' behavior models In student development, emphasize on 6 values, namely awareness, empathy, self-confidence, team spirit, creativity and lifelong learning. In our school, not only the teachers but also the whole school team contribute to reflect these values on the behavior of children. Creative and Questioning Teaching As an individual grows up, he/she begins questioning the events, the objects and the nature around him/her. We believe that the students should question everything from art, mathematics, music to nature to adopt it as a motivating behavior so that they become always more questioning individuals. Starting from the fact that the questioning individuals will be creative individuals; the model of creativity and inquiry, which will be used in the content of arts, science and social courses, will make a significant contribution to children's philosophy to determine their lives. Internalization of respect and responsibility-oriented education If a child grows up in a culture that is able to empathize and respect others, as an adult he will be more responsive, helpful and responsible to society. The internalization of these two values will be ensured by the rules of the school and by the topics selected during the training. Finnish Education System ıt is based on individualized education with a team approach. Because every student has a different learning pace, the teacher adjusts the lessons for each child individually but at the same time encouraging them to work as teams.

Mathematics is prediction.

It is being able to put yourself in the place of the other party while expressing yourself.

It is to make the right plan and program.

Managing time correctly. It is to analyze what will come after a sentence that a person makes.

It is to know the task sharing with the teammate.


During our conversation with Maarit Rossi, a Finnish mathematics teacher, who was shown as an example by Stephen Hawking, we found answers to many questions that had accumulated in our minds for years.

Stephen Hawking explains the importance of mathematics in our lives as follows; ‘If you can understand the language of the universe, it is because of the mathematics of life. Do not forget that solving the mathematics of life is in the success story of every extraordinary person. ”Maarit is a teacher who has taught mathematics to all age groups from kindergarten to high school. One day while we were waiting to meet this world known teacher , we found a high-energy woman with extremely colorful and elegant clothes, with shining eyes .We were prejudiced that we would meet someone who would speak in technical terms and have difficulty transmitting her thoughts but we were truly mistaken. When we asked her for her views on mathematics, we got unexpected answers.


It is to keep our minds open from the day we are born until our death. It is to observe, to make correct plans, to try to understand, to explain. It is to think in multiple ways, to be able to construct the next process. It is to dream, to love life and everything that belongs to life ...

In short, mathematics means life itself.

As "Focus on Kids family", we teach mathematics to our children as the meaning of life in the content of drama, music lessons, art classes, dance and yoga classes.

Mathematics in life ...

Imagine a treasure box!… Inside it, there is painting, music, dancing….And what is written on the box with big letters?


We all express ourselves in different ways. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a poem or dance… Although we say speaking is the most important communication tool, there are many more special tools that often replace it. As Mozart said to his dear father at a birthday celebration;

Dear daddy! I cannot express my feelings through poetry, I am not a poet, I cannot express myself with shadows and light, I am not a painter, I cannot explain my thoughts with movements, I am not a dancer. I can express myself with the right compositions.

Or Frida's dialogue with Diego, the love she devoted her life to;

What is happiness, do you know? Frida asked with a mischievous look.

‘It could be socialism or maybe nirvana.” Diego said .

No it is not, what is happiness right now? said Frida.

" The little basket with flowers that you bring your warm lunch." said Diego. Frida pours the most special painting on her brush and describes happiness with a picture. 

What about dance ..

Is that another way of expressing yourself?

Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake Ballet" musical, to tell about his inner world on his toes like Nina, who narrates her ambitions and innocence in her ballet show ...

At Focus on Kids,we teach our children at a young age by combining these three branches.The branches that are essential for the existence of art, along with drama and foreign language education.

Dance of Drama and Mathematics with Art, Science, Nature and Music…

Mathematics lesson is the fearful dream of our children all over the world since the primary school age. Is the definition of mathematics made wrong? Is mathematics just a formula consisting of multiplication table and sets? Or is mathematics the center of life, as the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanuja taught us?

Focus on Kids family says;

Touching from nature to art, from art to science is our most important focus.

Imagine life… plants in nature, water, clouds, sun, planets, mountains, rocks, soil, animals, fossils, rivers, mines and thousands of others ...

Each of their existence is formed by a combination or interactions. Thousands of leaf varieties located in different regions of nature, creatures whose body development changes according to climates and geographical conditions, underground resources existing in mines, how the energy resources obtained from nature have been used in our daily lives and mathematical calculations ...

While science is present in all areas of our lives, from a small water turtle we feed in our home to candles or electric lamps we use in lighting, starting to teach this to our children at a very young age will help them grasp the nature, science and art equation they will establish.



In our society, the criteria of success are believed to be getting a degree, getting a high score, or being be a successful student, doctor, engineer, lawyer… We draw the limits of success in this way, almost raising a racehorse. We disregard their dreams, talents and potentials by showing life as a race so that it can run faster, get the first, and pass everyone. 
 However, someone who spent his childhood in lack of a good environment and without enough fun is often under pressure. Childhood must be spent in a creative climate with free relationships with the elderly. Dance plays a crucial role in raising children of this nature. Dance is another way of expressing themselves.

Music is based on dance and entertainment. If our children are interested in music, it will be easier for them to learn. Children improve their aesthetic perception by expressing their emotions with the movements they make while dancing. By increasing body coordination, they develop harmonious movement skills within the group. It also contributes greatly to the emotional development and socialization of children.

Communication on the way to be a world person:

Communication starts with expressing yourself correctly. The first step to this is to speak our mother tongue and other languages ​​parallel to it correctly. As the world is shrinking rapidly, communicating with people living on the other side of the world without seeing each other plays a very important role for us in both our professional and social lives.Therefore, Focus on Kids family, it is our most important duty to provide education in different languages ​​in preschool education... 
As our main mission is to focus on international education programs, we provide training in English, German, Spanish and Russian. The trainings we provide with full-time foreign teachers are given not only in foreign language lessons but also in music, dance, drama and yoga classes.


Imagine a child… Starting the day with body movements accompanied by music… Between sleepy glances, trying to get rid of the sleepiness of the night, children do yoga movements with the loving gaze of their smiling teacher, accompanied by calm and peaceful musical rhythms at the back… Body movements at first slowly and calmly soon change to fast rhythmic movements towards the end.

Focus on Kids family learns sports in our garden surrounded by nature, accompanied by music, sometimes yoga, sometimes gymnastics, sometimes dance. This is why our children, who start the day with sports, have a very high motivation to the lessons during the daytime training.

Plato said;

“ While raising your children, you should teach body movements together with music. Your child's lifelong success is possible this way ...”

Music is one of the most important lessons in pre-school… You can even hum to the rhtym of nice melody with do,re,mi..Or by measuring rhyme. Music is the king of medicine, you will understand. What we will tell you after this introduction strengthens the importance of music. Music is a part of the learning and development process starting from the mother's womb. Listening to music in preschool period, the child learns to be quiet, concentrate, recognize and distinguish sounds. The singing child also learns to use his voice. It reflects its energy to the outside in positive ways while using musical instruments. It creates its own rhythm by discovering sounds. Thus, the child gains the ability to play an instrument. This improves the child's sense of success and confidence.

Art brings all people together. As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, "Without art; one of the lifebloods of a nation is cut off" . Long live those “ in love with” art and art itself . But, there could be another world. If we weren’t able to change it, our children will change this world. With love, tolerance, wisdom, science and of course art.

Well, does art change the perspective of our children? The answer is very short and clear: it does!

It makes it easier for them to reveal their feelings and to reach a strong concentration and to become a happier, more confident individual.

Art provides eye and hand coordination.

Painting reflects one’s personality , desires and concerns.

Art reflects one’s personality, one’s desires and concerns.

The child can express what they cannot express by speaking through painting.

The child finds a way for emotional, perceptual, development by painting.

He embodies his abstract thoughts with line color and stain. In this way, the child discovers himself with the pictures he has made.

Mothers and fathers!Let your chidren free. Let them combine their dreams, feelings and thoughts with paints as they wish. If they learn at a young age, they will understand the language of colors, nature and the universe with a new perspective and love them with a big heart.