Ali Pandır


I was raised as a kid in Bebek, a small village at Bosphorus in the 60’ies, in a community that was composed of multi-religious and multicultural minorities of Istanbul. Thereafter, in St Georgs’s college this culture mozaic enlarged with European culture and with a skeptical and global vision and mindset. My professional career progressed in a similar pathway, first as an research engineer, then as production manager and in the last 20 years, as general manager, CEO and Chairman of the Board in 3 continents, 8 countries and over 25 different job functions trying to explore new countries and cultures and to expand my vision.
After a long global journey in General Motors, largest multinational automotive company, I repatriated to my home country 12 years ago and leading Tofaş and Erdemir, two largest corporations of Turkey, I tried to make them world-class global companies. Last two years I decided to focus on education that I believe is the most important issue in our country and I dedicated myself to convey my 35 years of experience to prepare children for the new world order. Together with Begum, my founding partner of Focus on Kids International School, we aim to raise children in a multi-cultural environment who can think individually but act collectively as a team, free from prejudice, self confident, creative and innovative.


Begüm Özdoğularlı


In 1998 when I was a student at the university, I started my first business by establishing an English education center to gain pocket money for my graduation. In the last 23 years by adding more to my educational experiences with the excitement of my first day was the best gift that was offered to me. Today Focus Education Institutions reached the level that educates thousands of people, awarded a lot of entrepreneurial prizes and mentioned in press with carrying out the training project in a lot of different areas of social responsibility. We fulfill the requirements of being a good educator in every detail. In Gebze Technical University and Zekeriyaköy branches, we operate with the honor of winning the hearts of many parents and students under the name of "Focus On Kids" with our creative and innovative education program for our children who are in the preschool and primary school age. I am proud to continue my entrepreneurial story as an idealist educator in our institutions, which are approved by the Ministry of National Education and operate with separate education programs according to each age group