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As managers who take care of every detail down to the finest detail, it will be pleasing to convey our knowledge and experience to your most precious and beautiful children with our 23-year history of education.

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About Us

It took us 23 years of teaching experience where we traveled throughout the world visiting different schools, attending teaching conferences, reading exerpts from philosophers' ideas about teaching, questioning the anthropologist's point of views on where the "new world" is headed to. Then, with all these data and experience, we asked ourselves this question. Do we really want our kids to sit in classrooms filled with excessive and plastic toys and color in the given pictures? Or, do we want to have our children to be in a safe, clean and simple classroom filled with hand¬made and natural materials feeling happy and confident of themselves? Of course, we decided on the latter. We believe that eye contact between the teacher and the student is crucial for mutual trust and a loving but respecting relationship. We believe that lessons should be fun and incorporated with every day and natural matters where the children would learn maths, foreign languages, to express themselves and refine their fine motor skills through play, spending time with our animals in our backyard, caring for them and planting their own vegetables and fruits. We believe that they should learn history not only from books but through theatrical play where they will act as Shakespeare himself or dress up like old roman people to really understand what kind of a leader Antonius Maximus was. They will feel compassionate for Vincent Van Gogh and understand the deep meaning under his famous paintings through research and drama. In a nutshell, we built our education system on simplicity, sincerity and transparency. The search for the right school is a challenging process for parents, who want to ensure their children develop socially and personally, and excel academically for a greater foundation for a successful future. As educators and school management we recognize the instrumental role we play in helping shape your child’s future academic aptitude and competence. It is a role we approach with all seriousness and compassion to ensure your child fulfils their greatest potential possible.


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