Mathematics is prediction.

It is being able to put yourself in the place of the other party while expressing yourself.

It is to make the right plan and program.

Managing time correctly. It is to analyze what will come after a sentence that a person makes.

It is to know the task sharing with the teammate.


In short, mathematics is life itself. Drama is being able to live the center of life. We, the Focus on Kids family, organize different educational programs, including art, nature, science and music, which are also shaped by mathematics, in our drama lessons. We touch the worlds of our children deeply by including philosophers, painters, musicians, actors and scientists who have written their names in world history in drama activities in which our institution director also actively takes part. With the drama activities held in different languages according to the activities, our children manage to become more self-confident individuals.


During our conversation with Maarit Rossi, a Finnish mathematics teacher, who was shown as an example by Stephen Hawking, we found answers to many questions that had accumulated in our minds for years.

Stephen Hawking explains the importance of mathematics in our lives as follows; ‘If you can understand the language of the universe, it is because of the mathematics of life. Do not forget that solving the mathematics of life is in the success story of every extraordinary person. ”Maarit is a teacher who has taught mathematics to all age groups from kindergarten to high school. One day while we were waiting to meet this world known teacher , we found a high-energy woman with extremely colorful and elegant clothes, with shining eyes .We were prejudiced that we would meet someone who would speak in technical terms and have difficulty transmitting her thoughts but we were truly mistaken. When we asked her for her views on mathematics, we got unexpected answers.


It is to keep our minds open from the day we are born until our death. It is to observe, to make correct plans, to try to understand, to explain. It is to think in multiple ways, to be able to construct the next process. It is to dream, to love life and everything that belongs to life ...

In short, mathematics means life itself.

As "Focus on Kids family", we teach mathematics to our children as the meaning of life in the content of drama, music lessons, art classes, dance and yoga classes.

Mathematics in life ...

Giving math lessons to 5 year old children at the farmer’s market ...

An example from a math class;

By taking our 5-year-old students to the farmer’s market, we divided our children into two groups to sell and buy products practically. The 20-minute process worked as follows;

Asking the price on the counter first, then researching the price on another counter, asking for a discount by negotiating when you decide to buy, then measure the weight on the scale by agreeing on a number, give the money and get the change. To count the remaining money in the pocket and calculate what else to buy accordingly. To calculate which meals could be cooked at school with the materials bought and how many people can feed on these meals. To buy the right product at the right price by analyzing which vegetable one can feed more people.

With this twenty minutes of practice, our children;

In the textbooks for years, "I went to the market today, I had 10 liras in my pocket. I bought 2 kilos of tomatoes for 3 liras per kilo, and how many liras do I have left in total? They developed their ability to think quickly and make quick decisions by calculating mentally without using a pencil.

This is how we can explain that adapting the given trainings to life is the key to success in education.